I sense a soul in search of answers...stay awhile and listen.
(Dude) it's good.
Graham takes a closer look at the astonishing similarities between alien abduction stories and plant induced shamanic visions.
This text makes an argument less about UFO as nut-and-bolts technology, but rather as something more similar to what we would consider "supernatural," or inter-dimensional.
I admire the authors refrain from injecting the common dogma that keeps this subject confined to the fringes of the mainstream, despite the heretical flack I know he has endured by
Jul 8
A quick summary of the life and times of Socrates, as presented to us by the writings of Plato. Socrates never wrote anything down himself (or at least never for publication) and ushered in a new Empire within the Helenestic era: an Empire of Mind. His ironic wit is so pleasing to read, and to perform in the head, that it's no surprise why the oracle at Delphi predicted him to be the wisest man in Athens.
May 30
Pretty good stuff, felt a little disjointed but that's the hurry of the industry. As far as comics go, each stands fairly well on it's own. I liked the artwork best in the issue Neil Gaiman wrote, and the issue Grant Morrison wrote was truly creepy. The horror genre is fun but draining--I'd like to read something with pretty flowers now, and maybe a happy ending now and again...
May 26
Lukas Hartwich didn't like NA
I read, or rather, tried to read this book after hearing both Warren Buffett and Bill Gates sing its praises. This book just wasn't for me. The stories had a lot of promise, but I couldn't stand the author's insistence on writing 50 page stories when 10 would have sufficed. Maybe I have short attention span, but I kept finding myself saying "Get to the point!" In a way, I'm bummed I didn't enjoy the book, given some of my heroes recommended it so overwhelmingly.
May 21
Hey everybody! I started a blog,
It's a fictional story, and since i'm the rank 2 poster on this site
I expect all of you to comment, like, and wait patiently for me
to learn what the hell I'm doing.
Apr 30
Found this great interview with one of my favorite authors
on Facebook actually:
Apr 3
I really like Neil Gaiman. From seeing so many interviews of the author at public speaking events and interviews, it was easy to see how he got into the head of the main character. When the young man speaks, I picture a 12 year old Neil under his ratty, curly, long hair, covering his face shyly. This book is a very cute little short story; abrupt but packed with charm. You could read it in one sitting, and its just a fantastic little story. He has such a succinct writing style, very imaginative.
Jan 27
Quick read; like, maybe one hour. Helps frame your mind towards creating whatever it is you create, guilt free. If you sometimes feel like your artistic style is too similar to your hero's, or that you haven't really got any distinctive style at all--just remember that no one is above their influences, and "Art is theft." -Pablo Picasso
Dec 31
If you've ever wondered where the Internet came from or what makes it "tick", then this is the book for you. As funny as it sounds, the title says it all. The Internet is a series of tubes across the globe. There is just something magical about how a bunch of interconnected machinery breaks down the barriers of space and time. While it all sounds complicated, the general concept of how the Internet works is something anybody can grasp. I highly suggest you pick this read up, so you can too!
Oct 23
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